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Bottleshock CaseDo you remember when you could visit a winery and buy a few bottles of wine and carry them home on the plane? Or when you were traveling to visit an old friend and you would throw a great bottle of wine in your carry-on luggage? Wine lovers miss the days when they could travel freely with a few of their favorite wines, and wine sales have been impacted around the world because customers can´t get their wines home without risk of damage. Unfortunately, airline travel regulations prohibit traveling with liquids greater than 3.4 ounces, and wrapping your wines in towels or plastic bags is a very risky proposition. They say that necessity is the mother of all invention, and traveling without wine is not an option for a serious wine lover. The solution to this challenge is Bottleshock™.

Bottleshock™ is a revolutionary wine or liquid carrying case that looks like a beautiful wine satchel, but protects your bottled liquids with a crush-resistant, gasket-sealed container. Bottleshock™ not only protects your wines but also doubles as an attractive wine carrying case that anyone would be proud to carry into their favorite restaurant or event. Bottleshock™ includes the following features:

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